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Builder/Owner/Driver: Tim Sowell

Hometown: Mustang, Oklahoma

Occupation other than Monster Trucks: Mechanic

Truck Facts:  

Body: 1990 Ford pickup - fiberglass

Engine: 460 ci Ford engine, 1,000 hp, with 671 BDS blower; fuel injection

Transmission: Ford C-6 automatic with TCI shifter. Aluminum transfer case with quick change gears

Suspension: Nitrogen shocks, 24" travel front, 30" travel rear

Axles: 106 Center section

Chassis: Tube frame, mid engine (old frame and body for sale, see Old Web Site)

Tires: 66x43x25 Goodyear

Fuel Type: Methanol

Vehicle Height: 10'6"

Vehicle Width: 12'

Vehicle Building Time: 3 years to build original truck; 1 year to build all new tube frame and update truck

Cost to build: Approximately $70,000.00 originally; Total investment now approximately $140,000.00.

Sponsors: None (but looking)

A special thank you for sponsoring TORNADO at the Big Boy Toy Show in Wichita, KS, April 8th and 9th, 2000 and March 31 - April 1, 2001, goes to:

        1900 N. Broadway
        Wichita, KS  67214
        (316) 267-0764

Tim got his start in monster trucks when other mechanics said he couldn't build one himself.  But, he proved them wrong and did it!!!!!


March 31 & April 1 Big Boy Toy Show, Century II Convention Center
Wichita Kansas